Two Images of God - Discontent

The explosion was deafening. Then, utter silence.

A baby’s whimper broke the still air. One by one, people began to move, reawakened to the Samaritan need to go to the aid of the baby in distress.

Then, quiet once again.

In this rapid-fire sequel to Two Images of God-Quest (Book 1), the author reveals a brewing conflict between the Western Alliance and the Islamic World Order, a new coalition promising global destruction. Recognizing the danger of mutual annihilation, will the leaders of the opposing armies pursue peace or war? Or, will they be overthrown by subordinates seething with hatred and a desire for total control?

Written to parallel the same time period as Book 1 in the Two Images of God series, Two Images of God-Discontent (Book 2) provides the backstory for the climax in Quest. It will keep you on the edge of your seat, with an ending you will not expect!