About Brian P. Sheets

Maslow’s Fifth Hierarchy of Needs is called “self actualization”, or coming to the realization of your true calling in life, what you need to be fulfilled. For me, it was the realization that I truly enjoy helping others, either through traditional service or by way of teaching to pass on knowledge.

With nearly forty years of a professional background in the military, national, and international business, I have been afforded many opportunities for commenting on a wide variety of life experiences. The father of two and grandfather of four, I have also served as a teacher in local churches, an instructor in martial arts, a coach in youth sports, and a volunteer pilot for several charitable aviation programs.

It is from this amalgamation of life experiences that I elected to become an author, to share what I have learned in life in the event my writings may be of use to others. Just as parents have handed down their skills over the ages, so too I believe it is a duty of older citizens to share their wisdom with younger generations.

It is my hope that my books will provide you personal insight, wisdom to apply in your own life, and just plain enjoyment.