Parenting with common sense

There have been countless books, audio tapes, DVD’s, Internet websites, conferences, and seminars on parenting. Why one more?

What I have observed is that many who initiate these forums of ‘better parenting’ speak from an academic point of view.  They produce countless studies, theories, and concepts for which a PhD seems like a requirement just to understand their content.  Some have great experience; others have no child-rearing experience at all but rely on their academic research to justify their course content.

But there is a great deal to learn from common sense, everyday, practical experience.  Industry is always a buzz whenever the next great management theory comes to fruition.  However, when you peel back all of the idiosyncrasies, you have the requirement to incorporate the ideas of the people actually doing the work, such as in a factory.  Why?  Because the “everyday people” know the strengths and weaknesses of the factory and equipment that theory can not experience.  Everyday, ordinary people have the knowledge.

So, take pride in the knowledge that you can be just as knowledgeable as other parents.  Place value in your practical child-rearing experience. Because, no matter who you are, you have within you the ability to be a great parent!